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The Ultimate

Space Exhibition

Opens Jun 15

Get ready for blastoff.


Discover the universe in a whole new way at Neighborhood Earth! This one-of-a-kind exhibition brings space exploration to life with the latest science and cutting-edge technology.

The most unique space exhibition in the world.

Experience the life of an astronaut and learn about space exploration like never before.

Neighbourhood Earth is an interactive exhibition that combines the latest science with cutting-edge technology, telling the fascinating story of space science and exploration in an engaging and interactive way.


Visitors can experience what it’s like to be a NASA astronaut, take a walking tour through our solar system in the cinematic environment, and learn about the adventures and challenges of space exploration.

With new missions planned to the Moon and Mars, there has never been a better time to explore the universe beyond our planet.

So come on an adventure with us and discover the fascinating world of space at Neighbourhood Earth.

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Opens June 15 at Emporium

Neighbourhood Earth exhibition